Do it yourself bird toy parts kits by Birdy Boredom Busters Parrot Toys

 DIY Bird Toy Instructions

"Bead Bear"





Toy Kit Includes

1 - pine teddy bear cutout c/w nickel plated hardware

600 - neon pony beads

70 - neon star pony beads

25ft - supreme cotton rope

2 - acrylic buttons

1 - nickel plated pear link


Tools Needed


masking tape



Instructions to Make This Toy:


Step 1:  Cut rope into eight 30" pieces.



Step 2:  Take two pieces of the rope and knot them together near the middle.


Step 3: Thread both strands of the rope into a hole in the bear body and tightly knot on the opposite side.


Step 4: Separate each rope into four smaller strands. You should now have eight thin rope strands on each side of the body. It is very helpful at this point to wrap a small piece of masking tape onto the end of each strand.


Step 5: Thread three pony beads onto a strand of rope, tie a knot & repeat until you have nine pony beads. Next, thread on a star bead, knot & cut off excess rope.  Do this for each arm and leg.


Step 6: Separate the remaining piece of rope into four strands.  Take one thin strand and put a small piece of tape on either end.  "Sew" the two buttons to the bear body.


Step 7: Tie a knot to attach the button to each side of the body. Thread on remaining pony beads, knot and cut off excess rope.


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