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Talon toys (foot toys) are hand held bird toys for your parrot, conure, caique, quaker parakeet, african grey, amazon, eclectus parrot, cockatoo, macaw or any bird who likes to throw their toys around. Your bird's safety is important to us!  Please remember all toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.  No toy is 100% safe as there will always be a bird who will find some way to hurt itself with anything within its reach!






Mini Basketball Game for Small BirdsMini Basketball Game  

Spend some quality time with your bird teaching him to shoot hoops!  Sized just for the little guys, this miniature basketball game includes two lightweight 3/4" plastic basketballs, hoop, backboard and stand.    Recommended for parakeets, lovebirds, parrotlets, etc.  Stands approx 4-1/2" tall.

   $4.00 Cdn
   $4.00 US

Lucky Dice Foot Toy for BirdsLucky Dice Foot Toy

An assortment of brightly colored acrylic beads and rings that slide back and forth on cotton cord between a pair of dice.  Most birds enjoy poking & exploring the dots with their tongues!  Designed for medium sized birds.  Measures approx 3-1/2" in length.

   $2.75 Cdn

   $2.75 US

High Roller Foot ToyHigh Roller Foot Toy

Made with a pair of jumbo dice and an acrylic ring, this foot toy measures approx 4".  Designed for medium to large birds. Available in assorted color combinations.

   $4.25 Cdn

   $4.25 US

Key Chain Foot Toy for BirdsKey Chain Foot Toy 

One of our best selling foot toys!  Your parrot's very own set of keys made with five brightly colored, chewy plastic keys and a large plastic button.  Designed for medium to large sized birds.   Approx length 5-1/2". Click to see Chauncey the CAG playing with her toy.

   $3.50 Cdn

   $3.50 US

Tongue Teaser Foot Toy for ParrotsTongue Teaser Foot Toy  

Threaded on a chewy paper sucker stick with pony beads, mini round rings and hardwood end caps is a chubby birdie bagel with a tongue teasing bead inside.  Designed for caiques, senegals, pionus, etc.  Measures approx 4" in length.

   $2.75 Cdn
   $2.75 US

Rattle Trap Foot Toy for BirdsRattle Trap Foot Toy 

An assortment of textured beads that rattle and spin on a rolled paper stick through a shreddable birdie bagel.  Designed for medium and large birds.  Approx 3-1/4" in size.

   $2.50 Cdn
   $2.50 US

Niblet Foot Toys for Small ParrotsNiblet Foot Toys 

Two veggie leather rounds strung on bird-safe hemp cord with a bitty birdie bagel and a hidden bead inside to capture your birds attention!  Designed for conures  up to african greys . . . an instant success with caiques!  Each toy measures approx 1" x 3".  Package contains three toys. 

   $3.50 Cdn
   $3.50 US

Mini Barbell Foot Toy for Birds

Mini Barbell Foot Toy

A miniature barbell made with uncolored hardwood balls joined together with a wood dowel & plastic rings.  Designed for small to medium birds.  Approx length 2-3/4".  Click to see Indigo the Green Naped Rainbow Lorikeet wrestling with this foot toy!

   $1.50 Cdn
   $1.50 US

Space Ball Foot Toys for BirdsSpace Ball Foot Toy  

A perforated golf ball loaded with mini pacifiers and beads inside that rattle.  This foot toy is great for intermediate to medium sized birds and can be easily washed by hand or in the dishwasher.  Measures approx 2-1/2".

   $4.25 Cdn
   $4.25 US

Munch Ball Kabob Foot Toys for Small BirdsMunch Ball Kabob Foot Toys

Three mini munch balls and pony beads threaded rolled paper sucker stick to make a lightweight foot toy for the little guys!  Each toy measures approx 3-1/2" long.  Designed for cockatiels, linnies, small conures, etc.  Package contains two toys.

   $3.75 Cdn
   $3.75 US

Giant Nuts-n-Bolts for Birds Giant Nuts-n-Bolts  

Two sets of hard plastic nuts and bolts each approx 2-1/4" in length.  A great toy for cockatoos or other birds that like to take things apart.

   $3.95 Cdn

   $3.95 US

Sisal Star Foot Toy for ParrotsSisal Star Foot Toy 

Simply a mini InterStar ring flanked by two plastic beads with a sisal rope strand connecting all pieces together.  Plenty of soft plastic to nibble and crunchy rope to preen! Designed for medium and large birds.  Approx 2-1/2" x 5" in size.

   $2.95 Cdn
   $2.95 US

Bagel Bangle Foot Toy for BirdsBagel Bangle Foot Toy 

Refillable!  Three bitty birdie bagels on a plastic link closed with an acrylic bead.  Once the bagels are gone, the link can be refilled with more bagels, left-over parts or used as-is.  Designed for intermediate to large beaks.  Measures approx 2-1/2" x 2".

   $2.25 Cdn
   $2.25 US

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