Do it yourself bird toy parts kits by Birdy Boredom Busters Parrot Toys

 DIY Bird Toy Instructions

"Shredding Skewer"





Toy Kit Includes

1 - stainless steel skewer w/ NP quick link

3 - maize wedges

2 - yucca chunks

2 - loofah slices

5 - bamboo shredders

4 - mini munch balls

2 - 2" vine balls

2 - 4" vine wreaths

5ft - seagrass rope


Please Note: The seagrass baskets are no longer available.


Tools Needed

scissors or knife to cut seagrass rope

your imagination


Shreddable Skewer Bird Toy Kits

Instructions to Make This Toy:

Step 1: Simply unscrew metal wand and thread with assorted shreddable parts.

Step 2: Screw wand together, hang in your bird's cage and watch him enjoy his loot!

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