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Small bird toys, toys for small birds and small parrots such as cockatiels, lovebirds, budgies, parrotlets, kakarikis, lorikeets, small parakeets, small conures, grey cheeks and other small pet birds.  Your bird's safety is important to us!  Please remember all bird toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.  No toy is 100% safe as there will always be a bird who will find some way to hurt itself with anything within its reach!








Space Capsule  

Stuffed full of crinkle cut paper, your bird will have a blast chewing & foraging through this birdie bagel tube!  Wood beads, pony beads & paper sticks running through the tube will give your bird lots to play with and hang from.  Strung on hemp, this toy measures approx 3-1/2" by 7-1/2" including quick link.

   $6.25 Cdn
   $6.25 US

Cotton Tail Small Bird ToysCotton Tail

Super cute preening toy!  Five tufts of supreme cotton rope knotted through a plastic chain with critter charms and pony beads hidden throughout.  A perfect lovebird toy!  Hangs approx 6-1/2" including quick link and nickel plated bell.

  $5.25 Cdn

   $5.25 US

Shoe Strings Leather Small Parrot Bird ToyShoe Strings  

A vegetable tanned leather boot filled with brightly colored pony beads knotted on leather lace with a large nickel plated cow bell to make a little noise with.  This toy is sure to excite any bird that loves leather, beads & bells!  Hangs approx 6" including quick link.

   $4.95 Cdn
   $4.95 US

Pushy Pully Small Bird ToyPushy Pully

A brightly colored hardwood cube threaded with three veggie tanned leather laces and assorted plastic beads.  Each lace can be pulled back and forth through the cube!  Approx height including quick link 8".  Click to see Marianne's baby conure playing with this toy.

   $5.75 Cdn
   $5.75 US

Leather Crisp Small Bird ToyLeather Crisp  

Crispy braided seagrass strips on either side of a 2-1/4" veggie tanned leather round.  Once the seagrass is gone, your small bird will still have hours of enjoyment chewing on the leather and playing with the stringing rings & bell.  Approx 6" in length including quick link.

   $5.95 Cdn
   $5.95 US

Rainbow Rings Small Bird ToyRainbow Rings 

A shiny bell, four nickel plated o-rings and a rainbow assortment of brightly colored stringing rings make this an irresistible temptation for the small bird!  Approx length of toy including quick link 5-1/2".

   $3.95 Cdn
   $3.95 US

Cuppa Stix Small Bird ToyCuppa Stix  

A little hardwood cup filled with our brightly colored, small paper lollipop sticks.  One of our best selling small bird toys!  Approx length including quick link 6".

   $4.25 Cdn
   $4.25 US

Perch Hugger Bird ToyPerch Hugger 

Veggie tanned leather laces strung with stringing rings and pony beads. Simply slide the laces onto any size or type of  perch & pull down on the big bead to tighten.  Hangs approx 6" when attached to perch.  Click to see Kiva (Indian Ringneck Parakeet) with his toy.

   $6.95 Cdn
   $6.95 US

Treat Cup Small Bird ToyTreat Cup  

The lid on this brightly colored 2" hardwood cup easily slides up & down so your small bird can find it's favorite treats that you have hidden inside! Approx height including quick link 7".

   $5.50 Cdn

   $5.50 US

Pacifier Delite Small Bird ToyPacifier Delite  

This cute little toy is made with a combination of mini pacifiers, assorted beads & mini round rings on nickel plated hardware.  It is sure to capture your bird's attention with it's spinning motion and soft tinkling noise.  Available in assorted colors.  Hangs approx 5" long including quick link.

   $3.95 Cdn
   $3.95 US

Octopus Mop Small Bird Toy

Octopus Mop

Brightly colored pony beads individually knotted on bird-safe cotton mop & threaded under a large acrylic marbella bead.  Approx height including quick link 9".

   $6.95 Cdn

   $6.95 US

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