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Magic Wand Foot Toy

Magic Wand Foot Toy for Parrots

A chunky wood star on a giant paper lollipop stick with beads that slide up and down. Designed for intermediate to large parrots. Measures approx 2" by 5".

   $2.85 CAD
   $2.85 USD

Pom-Pom Ball

Pom-Pom Ball Foot Toy for Birds

Birds love tugging on and snipping off the little rubbery spines growing out of this plastic golf ball! Designed for medium and large birds.

   $3.75 CAD
   $3.75 USD

Goody Ring Foot Toy

Goody Ring Foot Toys for Parrots

A strong plastic ring filled with goodies everybirdy will love! Measures approx 3". Designed for medium and large parrots.

   $4.95 CAD
   $4.95 USD

Munch Tube Foot Toy

Munch Tube Foot Toy for Medium & Large Parrots

A bagel tube stuffed with bamboo shredders with softwood slats tied to each side with paper rope. Measures approx 5-1/2" long by 6" wide. Designed for greys, amazons, eclectus and other similar sized parrots.

   $4.35 CAD
   $4.35 USD

Balsa Butterfly Foot Toys

Balsa Butterfly Foot Toys for Parrots

A set of two 1" balsa cubes embedded with pony beads and flanked with paper twist bows. A great light-weight cage top or foot toy for small to intermediate sized birds. Each toy measures approx 4" long.

   $3.75 CAD
   $3.75 USD

Star Pin Foot Toy

Star Pin Foot Toys for Parrots

Spinning hardwood stars & pony beads attached to a clothes peg with hemp cord. Designed for caiques, senegals, small amazons, greys, etc. Measures approx 3-1/2".

   $2.95 CAD
   $2.95 USD

Chubby Knuckles Foot Toy

Chubby Knuckles Refillable Foot Toy for Medium & Large Parrots

Chubby bagels, acrylic rings and an ABC block on a plastic link. The link can be refilled once the bagels are gone. Designed for medium and large parrots. Approx 2-1/2" by 3".

   $3.85 CAD

   $3.85 USD

Beads & Rings Foot Ball

Beads & Rings Foot Ball Toy for Parrots

Brightly colored pony beads and stringing rings knotted onto a plastic golf ball with hemp cord. Designed for medium to large birds.

   $6.25 CAD
   $6.25 USD

Hula Bear Foot Toy

Hula Bear Birdie Bagel Foot Toy for Parrots

A hollow plastic bear sits inside a chubby bagel adorned with pony beads and pacifiers on plastic zip ties. It's like four foot toys in one! Measures approx 2" by 2". Suitable for senegal sized birds up to small cockatoos, amazons, greys, etc.

   $3.50 CAD

   $3.50 USD

Cute as a Bug Foot Toy

Cute as a Bug Foot Toy for Birds

A plastic bug body with paulie rope legs filled with pony beads. Designed for caiques, amazons, african greys, etc. Approx 2-1/4" x 3-1/2". Click to see Lyric!

   $3.45 CAD
   $3.45 USD

Porcupine Balls

Porcupine Balls Parrot Foot Toys

Rubbery spiny balls make fun toys to toss around & birds love pulling on the spines and snapping them off! Suitable for birds of all sizes. Balls are approx 1-1/4". Package contains three balls. Click to see Big Foot!

   $3.25 CAD
   $3.25 USD

Stuffed Foot Ball

Stuffed Foot Ball Toy for Birds

A perforated golf ball stuffed full of natural & colored sisal rope just waiting to be plucked out. Makes a great foot toy for medium and large birds or can be hung using a quick link (not included) for the smaller guys. 

   $4.25 CAD
   $4.25 USD

Fire Cracker Foot Toy

Fire Cracker Foot Toy for Birds

Acrylic rings and pony beads on paulie rope through a large bead. The end of each strand has a bead firmly glued in place to make this toy last. Washable. Designed for medium and large birds. Measures approx 7" in length. 

   $4.95 CAD

   $4.95 USD

Beaded Button Foot Toy

Beaded Button Foot Toy for Parrots

A giant plastic button with pony beads knotted on hemp cord. Designed for all medium to large sized birds. Measures approx 2" by 5". A top selling foot toy!!!

   $3.75 CAD
   $3.75 USD

TNT Foot Toy

TNT Parrot Foot Toy

Little wood cubes and pony beads threaded on on a wood spool with paulie rope. Designed for intermediate to medium sized parrots such as african greys, amazons, caiques, etc. Measures approx 4" in length. 

   $4.25 CAD
   $4.25 USD

Your bird's safety is important to us!
All toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.

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