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Teddy Stix Foot Toy

Teddy Stix Foot Toy for Birds

Colored craft spoons adorned with soft plastic rings stuffed into a plastic baby bear and tied together with hemp cord and plastic beads. Measures approx 4-1/2". Designed for small parrots like senegals, caiques, mini macaws and other birds that like thin wood.

   $3.25 CAD
   $3.25 USD

Paper Stick Pot Foot Toy

Paper Stick Pot Foot Toy for Medium Parrots

A hardwood cup filled with colored paper lollipop sticks. Designed for intermediate to medium parrots. Click to see Daeja!

   $3.40 CAD

   $3.40 USD

Slider Foot Toy

Slider Bird Foot Toy for all Parrots

An assortment of brightly colored beads that slide on bird-safe paulie rope between a pair of dice. Designed for intermediate to large birds. Fully washable! Measures approx 4-3/4" in length.

   $2.50 CAD
   $2.50 USD

Orbitz Foot Toy

Orbitz Birdie Bagel Foot Toy for Parrots

A chubby bagel with an assortment of beads & hard wood stars inside a larger bagel. Designed for medium and large birds. Measures approx 2-3/4" by 6". 

   $4.00 CAD
   $4.00 USD

Busy Beaver Block

Busy Beaver Block Foot Toy

A brightly colored notched pine block with crunchy sisal rope and spinning beads. Designed for birds like greys, amazons, cockatoos & macaws. Measures approx 1-1/2" by 6".

   $3.50 CAD
   $3.50 USD

Bright Idea Foot Toy

Bright Idea Foot Toy

Six mini wooden light bulbs and colored rings in a 1-1/2" uncolored pine block. Designed for medium to large parrots. Including lights, toy measures approx 3-1/2" by 3-1/2".

   $4.25 CAD
   $4.25 USD

Talon Trinket Foot Toy

Talon Trinket Foot Toy for Small Birds

Strung on veggie tanned leather lace are pony beads with a mini pacifier on a sturdy straw bead. Measures approx 3-3/4" long. Designed for small birds such as quaker parrots, green cheek conures, caiques and like sized birds.

   $1.85 CAD
   $1.85 USD

Parrot Sneaker

Mini Sneaker Parrot Foot Toys

Totally adorable! Mini sneakers that measure approx 1-1/2" by 3" made from canvas & rubber and have real shoe laces. Fill them with shredded paper & your bird's favorite treats to make an easy foraging toy.

   $3.25 CAD
   $3.25 USD

Mini Magic Wands

Magic Wand Foot Toys for Birds

A set of three foot toys made with stainless steel rod and hard plastic rings and beads. Dishwasher safe. Designed for small to medium birds. Each toy measures approx 2-1/4" in length. Click to see Growls!

   $3.95 CAD

   $3.95 USD

Barbell Foot Toy

Barbell Foot Toy for Birds

Two hardwood balls joined together with a hardwood dowel and an acrylic ring. Designed for medium to large birds. Approx length 4".

   $3.25 CAD
   $3.25 USD

Woven Diamond Foot Toy

Woven Diamond Foot Toys for Parrots

Lightweight, stuffed palm leaf bundle is great for birds of all sizes. Use as a foot toy, cage top toy or add a link and hang in your bird's cage. Measures approx 2". Price is per toy.

   $2.25 CAD
   $2.25 USD

Your bird's safety is important to us!
 All toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.

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