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Bird Toys Size Chart


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This size chart is meant to be used as a guide only when choosing toys for your bird.  Please use your own discretion, experience and common sense when selecting items for your individual bird or parrot. 

If your parrot is a baby or is not used to toys, select smaller sized toys with a variety of textures and soft wood to encourage it to explore and learn to chew.  Because each bird has their own play style, destruction level and toy preference (likes and dislikes), what is good for one bird may not be a good choice for others.

If you would like help in picking out the correct size and/or type of toy for your bird, please email us.   Our aim is to have happy customers with happy birds!


X-Small Toys

canary, finch, small parakeet

Small Toys

cockatiel, lovebird, budgie, parrotlet, kakariki, small conure, grey cheek, small parakeets, rosella, lorikeet, lineolated parakeet

Intermediate Toys

caique, senegal, poicephalus, small & medium conures, rosella, quaker, large parakeets,  dwarf macaw (hahn's, noble), some toy shy timneh african greys


Medium Toys

caique, senegal, pionus, mini macaw (severe), large conure, small cockatoo (goffin, rose breasted), congo & timneh african greys, alexandrine parakeet

Large Toys

congo african grey, eclectus, amazons, hawk heads, cockatoos, macaws

Your bird's safety is very important to us.  For that reason all toys, swings, perches, etc. should be introduced to your parrot under supervision and monitored regularly.  No toy is 100% safe as there will always be a bird who will find some way to hurt itself with anything within it's reach.


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