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Disco Ducks

Disco Ducks Birdie Bagel Bird Toy

Little rubber ducks nestled inside birdie bagels with flower beads and bamboo shredders stuffed with crinkle paper shred. Made on stainless steel wire. Designed for intermediate to medium birds. Measures approx 7" by 9" including link.

   $10.50 CAD
   $10.50 USD

Bagel Carousel

Bagel Carousel Bird Toy

Perched on top of a chubby bagel sits a little rubber duck with dangling bitty bagels and mini pacifiers. Hidden in the middle is a nickel plated bell to make noise with! Once the bagels are gone, simply refill with more! Designed for small to intermediate sized birds. Hangs approx 7" including link.

   $10.95 CAD
   $10.95 USD

Bitty Bagel Cluster

Bitty Birdie Bagel Cluster Small Parrot Toys by Birdy Boredom Busters Bird Toys Canada

Twenty bitty birdie bagels on plastic links. When the bagels are gone, simply refill with more! Hangs approx 8" including link. Recommended for lovebirds and cockatiels up to toy shy african greys.

   $9.75 CAD
   $9.75 USD

Bagels and Blocks

Bagels and Blocks Refillable Parrot Toy

A refillable chain made with nine chubby birdie bagels and three softwood ABC blocks. Once the bagels are gone, simply refill with more! Hangs approx 11" including quick link. Ideal for caiques, pionus, mini macaws, sun conures, small amazons, etc.

   $11.95 CAD
   $11.95 USD

Chubby Cluster

Chubby Cluster Birdie Bagel Toy for Parrots

Twenty chubby bagels on large links with plastic chain dangling throughout. When the bagels are gone, simply refill with more! Designed for intermediate up to large birds. Hangs approx 13" including link.

   $18.50 CAD
   $18.50 USD

Bitty Bagel Bonanza

Bitty Bagel Bonanza Bird Toy

Ten bitty bagels dangling from a plastic chain on cool clips with a nickel plated bell. Designed for cockatiels to senegals. Approx length including link 6-1/2". Click to see Greenbean!

   $6.95 CAD

   $6.95 USD

Fintastic Fishie

Fintastic Fishie Birdie Bagel Parrot Toy

A tough, durable plastic fish complete with three 3" birdie bagels. This toy is designed to be refilled over & over again with 2", 3", 5" or 7" birdie bagels by simply slipping the bagel rings between the fish tail. Designed for medium or large birds. Measures approx 5" x 10" including quick link & bagels. 

   $8.95 CAD - Out of Stock
   $8.95 USD - Out of Stock

Your bird's safety is important to us!
 All toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.

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