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Steam Roller

Steam Roller Large Bird Toys

A large roll of corrugated cardboard stuffed with wooden beads, sandwiched between two large pieces of brightly colored soft wood. Hanging on heavy nickel plated chain with a large wood beads & acrylic ring to jangle, this toy is sure to satisfy the big beaks that like to shred! Hangs approx 5" by 14" including link.

   $21.95 CAD
   $21.95 USD

Space Ball

Space Ball Large Bird Toy

Over 30 medium pacifiers plugged into a softball sized perforated ball with more pacifiers and acrylic beads hanging on nickel plated chain. Birds go nuts hanging from & rattling this toy! Approx length including link 13".

   $26.50 CAD
   $26.50 USD

Sisal Power Preener

Power Preener Sisal Large Parrot Toy

What to do first . . . chew or preen? A large soft wood base filled with brightly colored sisal rope knotted on all four sides. On top is a large marbella bead to combat birds who like to undo the eye screws. What more could a bird want? Hangs approx 4" by 14-1/2" including quick link.

   $18.95 CAD
   $18.95 USD

Four Side Slide

Four Side Slide Large Wood Parrot Bird Toy

Rows of brightly colored softwood slats glued into four sides of a 6-3/4" by 2-3/4" by 1-3/4" softwood pine block. The toy hangs from nickel plated chain hidden inside hardwood beads and hangs approx 3-1/2" by 10" including quick link.

   $19.95 CAD
   $19.95 USD

Knots 'n' Blocks

Knots 'n' Blocks Large Parrot Bird Toy

Strung on heavy chain running through the entire toy is an assortment of brightly colored softwood blocks in various sizes with colored sisal and cotton rope knots tied throughout. This toy caters to the bird that likes to preen rope as well as chew wood!Measures approx 6" by 18" including quick link.

   $32.50 CAD - Out of Stock
   $32.50 USD - Out of Stock

Your bird's safety is important to us!
 All toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.

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