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Paper Stick Block Handmade Bird Toy for ParrotsPaper Stick Block

A rubber duck perched upon a softwood block filled with colored paper sticks with a birdie bagel and bell to make noise with. Measures approx 9-1/2" by 8" including quick link.

   $15.95 CAD
   $15.95 USD

Mopsy Preener Preening Parrot Bird Toy made in CanadaMopsy Preener

A rubber duck & large interstar ring sit atop a pvc cup filled with super soft & fluffy cotton rope. A great preening or snuggle toy! Hangs approx 14" with link.

   $11.95 CAD
   $11.95 USD

Waffle Block Handmade Parrot ToysWaffle Block

Brightly colored poplar blocks (soft wood) and cardboard blocks on paulie rope with wood and plastic beads. Measures approx 2-1/2" by 10" including link.

   $8.75 CAD
   $8.75 USD

Balsa Block Bagel Bird ToyBalsa Block Bagel

Cascading from a birdie bagel, your lucky bird will find a combination of balsa blocks, cardboard cutouts & beads strung on paulie rope. Designed for birds who aren't big chewers as balsa is a very soft wood. Measures approx 6" by 13" including quick link.

   $17.95 CAD
   $17.95 USD

Treasure Box Medium Foraging Bird ToyTreasure Box

Your bird will have lots of fun chewing, shredding and foraging with this cardboard box stuffed full of crinkle cut paper with a rubber duck, softwood slats, assorted beads & vine balls all strung on paper twist rope. For even more foraging fun, stuff some pellets or small treats inside the box! Hangs approx 15" including link (box is 4" x 4").

   $14.95 CAD
   $14.95 USD 

Star Gazer Medium Bird Toy for ParrotsStar Gazer

A hardwood body with 1-1/2" by 1/4" thick wood stars and beads knotted on heavy cotton cord. Birds love chewing the points off stars! Hangs approx 10" including link.

   $9.95 CAD
   $9.95 USD 

Sticker Handmade Parrot ToyStickler

A brightly colored pine block filled with colored lollipop sticks. Hanging on nickel plated chain with a big bead & InterStar snowflake, this toy measures approx 1-1/2" by 8" including link.

   $6.75 CAD
   $6.75 USD 

Boom Box Bird ToysBoom Box

Braided seagrass, colorful balsa blocks with corks and a large cardboard cube strung on paper twist rope. Little treats can be hidden in the folds of the cube for foraging. Measures approx 4" by 12" with link.

   $15.95 CAD
   $15.95 USD

Great Balls of Fun Foraging Bird Toy for ParrotsGreat Balls of Fun

Perforated golf balls stuffed with natural and colored sisal rope dangling on plastic chain under a rubber critter. A great toy for foraging fun! Hangs approx 8" with link (critter may vary). Click to see Max!

   $12.75 CAD
   $12.75 USD

Nut Case Foraging Toy for BirdsNut Case

A great foraging toy made from soft, 100% natural rubber. Simply fill with your bird's favorite nuts, fruits, veggies or even toy parts and hang. Stuff it with something different every day! Dishwasher safe. Hangs approx 9" including chain and quick link.

   $11.75 CAD
   $11.75 USD

Your bird's safety is important to us!
 All toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.

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