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Lucky Shamrock Foot Toy

Lucky Shamrock Foot Toy

Cardboard bitty birdie bagels and heart shaped pony beads on a little wood cube. Designed for small to intermediate birds (quakers, caiques, mini macaws) that need light weight, easy to chew hand held toys. Measures approximately 2-3/4" by 2-3/4".

   $3.50 CAD
   $3.50 USD

Moon & Stars Foot ToyMoon & Stars

A 2-1/4" vine ball moon with brightly colored small wood stars and pony beads attached with seagrass rope. Designed for any medium sized parrot. Can also be used as a cage top toy for small birds.

   $4.00 CAD
   $4.00 USD

Polly Pop Foot ToysPolly Pops

Lightweight foot toys made with a colored vine ball on a popsicle stick. Designed for small birds who aren't big chewers. Toys are approx 1-1/4" by 2-1/2". Package contains 2 toys.

   $3.00 CAD
   $3.00 USD

Flower Pot

Three wood dragonflies on paper lollipop sticks sprouting out of a little wood ball. Designed for medium to large parrots. Measures approx 3" by 3".

   $3.50 CAD
   $3.50 USD

Starbell Foot Toy for ParrotsStarbell Barbell

Hardwood balls on a wood dowel with spinning stars & beads. Measures approx 2-3/4". Designed for birds such as caiques and senegals up to african greys & small amazons.

   $3.00 CAD
   $3.00 USD

Jiggler Foot Toy for Small Parrots BirdsJiggler

A plastic wheel with chain, beads, rings & mini pacifiers on nickel plated hardware. An intriguing light weight toy for birds of all sizes. Measures approx 1-1/2" by 4-1/2".

   $3.25 CAD
   $3.25 USD

Vine Ring Rattle Foot Toy for Small ParrotsVine Ring Rattle

Designed for light chewers, this foot toy has little vine rings that slide between wood balls joined together with wood craft sticks. Measures approx 5-1/2" in length. Recommended for small parrots such as quakers, conures, mini macaws, etc.

   $4.25 CAD
   $4.25 USD

Strawburst Foot Toys for Small Birds

Strawburst Foot Toys

Pony beads knotted on three veggie leather cords bursting from a sturdy plastic straw bead. Each toy measures approx 2-1/2". Designed for birds that like small, lightweight foot toys. Package contains two toys.

   $3.25 CAD
   $3.25 USD

Chain Reaction Foot Toy for BirdsChain Reaction

Plastic chain with cotton rope & rings intertwined in the links. Designed for small and medium birds. Approx 5-1/2" in length. Click to see Aztec!

   $3.00 CAD
   $3.00 USD

Busy Bird Bite Foot Toy for Medium ParrotsBusy Bird Bite

A bagel tube with wood craft spoons stuffed inside. Pony bead tassels will entertain the most pickiest parrot! Approx 3-3/4" by 1". Designed for medium sized parrots.

   $4.25 CAD
   $4.25 USD

Mini Star Munch Foot Toy for BirdsMini Star Munch

A vine star sandwiched between mini munch balls with plastic cord and pony beads. A lightweight foot toy designed for small birds. Approx 2-1/2" long.

   $2.25 CAD
   $2.25 USD

Bagel Footsie Foot Toy for BirdsBagel Footsie

Acrylic beads and bitty birdie bagels between two hardwood balls on cotton cord. Designed for medium and large birds. Measures approx 4" in length.

   $3.25 CAD
   $3.25 USD

Missing Link Foot Toys for BirdsMissing Links

A set of three plastic links with mini rings closed with a fun shaped bead. Lightweight toys for small & medium parrots. Each toy measures approx 1-3/4" in length.

   $3.00 CAD
   $3.00 USD

Wing Nuts Foot Toys for ParrotsWing Nuts

A great foot toy that can also be used as a toy part to make your own toys. A three inch plastic bolt with a plastic wing nut that screws up and down the bolt. Measures approx 3" by 2". Package contains 2 toys.

   $3.50 CAD
   $3.50 USD

Your bird's safety is important to us!
 All toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.

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