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Lucky Shamrock

Lucky Shamrock Foot Toy

Bitty bagels and heart beads attached to a little wood cube. A light weight foot toy for intermediate birds. Measures approx 2-3/4".

   $3.50 CAD
   $3.50 USD

Moon & Stars Foot Toy

Moon & Stars Foot Toy

A 2-1/4" vine ball with small wood stars & pony beads attached with seagrass cord. Designed for intermediate birds. 

   $4.00 CAD
   $4.00 USD

Flower Pot Foot Toy

Wood dragonflies on paper sticks sprouting out of a wood ball. Designed for medium and large birds. Measures approx 3" by 3".

   $3.25 CAD
   $3.25 USD

Jiggler Foot Toy

Jiggler Foot Toy for Small Parrots Birds

A plastic wheel with chain, beads, rings & mini pacifiers on nickel plated hardware. An intriguing light weight toy for birds of all sizes. Measures approx 1-1/2" by 4-1/2".

   $3.25 CAD
   $3.25 USD

Vine Ring Rattle

Vine Ring Rattle Foot Toy for Small Parrots

A great toy for light chewers! Little vine rings on colored craft sticks flanked between wood balls. Designed for intermediate birds. Measures approx 5-1/2".

   $4.25 CAD
   $4.25 USD

Strawburst Foot Toys

Strawburst Foot Toys for Small Birds

Pony beads on veggie tanned leather bursting from a thick plastic tube. Designed for small birds. Approx 2-1/2" long. Package contains 2 toys.

   $3.25 CAD
   $3.25 USD

Busy Bird Bite Foot Toy

Busy Bird Bite Foot Toy for Medium Parrots

A bagel tube with wood craft spoons stuffed inside. Pony bead tassels will entertain the most pickiest parrot! Approx 3-3/4" by 1". Designed for medium birds.

   $4.00 CAD
   $4.00 USD

Mini Star Munch Foot Toy

Mini Star Munch Foot Toy for Birds

A little vine star between mini munch balls tied together with plastic cord and pony beads. A lightweight foot toy designed for small birds. Approx 2-1/2" long.

   $2.25 CAD
   $2.25 USD

Missing Link Foot Toys

Missing Link Foot Toys for Birds

A set of three plastic links with mini rings closed with a fun shaped bead. Lightweight toys for small & medium parrots. Each toy measures approx 1-3/4" in length.

   $3.00 CAD
   $3.00 USD

Wing Nuts

Wing Nuts Foot Toys for Parrots

A great foot toy that can also be used as a toy part to make your own toys. A three inch plastic bolt with a plastic wing nut that screws up and down the bolt. Measures approx 3" by 2". Package contains 2 toys.

   $3.50 CAD
   $3.50 USD

Your bird's safety is important to us!
 All toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.

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