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Little Peeps InterStar CharactersLittle Peeps  

Soft and chewy plastic characters similar to InterStar rings. Each piece measures approx 2-1/2" by 2-1/2" with a hole drilled in the top. Package contains 4 pieces.

   $2.95 Cdn
   $2.95 US

Smile Face Mini Mugs

Smiley Mini Mugs

Hard plastic mugs approx 1-1/4" by 1-3/4". They make great foot toys for big birds or can be used as a toy part for making toys of all sizes. Package contains 3 mugs.

   $2.85 Cdn
   $2.85 US

Plastic Snowflakes DIY Bird ToysPlastic Snowflakes

Durable, chewy plastic snowflakes measuring approx 1-3/4" in diameter with a center hole approx 1/8". A great part to add to medium and large toys.  Package contains 20 snowflakes in four colors.

   $3.00 Cdn
   $3.00 US

Lattice Links Bird Toy PartsLattice Links    

Brightly colored plastic links make an easy toy base. Multiple holes allow for endless possibilities! Links are approx 2" to 3" and come in a variety of shapes and colors. Package contains 5 links.

   $2.25 Cdn
   $2.25 US

Daisy Wheels Bird Toy PartsDaisy Wheels    

Plastic wheels approx 1-1/4" in diameter with a 1/4" hole. Recommended for small and medium toys. Package contains 25 wheels in assorted colors.

   $3.50 Cdn
   $3.50 US

Small Plastic Spin Wheels for Bird ToysPlastic Spin Wheels

Plastic wheels approx 1-1/2" in diameter with a small 1/8" center hole. An easy toy base for making small bird toys. Package contains 25 wheels in five colors.

Buy 100 & SAVE!

   $3.50 Cdn
   $3.50 US

Plastic InterStar Snowflakes

InterStar Snowflakes

Chewy plastic rings measuring approx 2" with a large 1/2" center hole. Package contains 6 pieces in assorted colors and three styles.

Buy 36 & SAVE!

   $2.25 Cdn
   $2.25 US

Plastic InterStar Rings to Make Bird ToysInterStar Rings  

Tough plastic rings approx 2-1/2" with a large 3/4" center hole. Use as foot toys or slip on perches for easy spinning toys. Package contains 3 rings.

   $3.95 Cdn
   $3.95 US

Plastic Hoops for Making Bird Toys & Swings5 Inch Plastic Hoop  

Durable plastic hoop measuring almost 5-1/4" in diameter. Use for preening rings or swings for intermediate sized birds (senegals, quakers, cockatiels, etc). Package contains 1 ring.

   $1.25 Cdn
   $1.25 US

Little Rubber Ducks for Making Your Own Bird ToysLittle Ducks  

Solid rubber ducks approx 1" long with a small hole in the top. Use as charms or as a toy base by drilling a hole through the bottom, inserting a screw eye & hanging assorted parts. Package contains 3 ducks.

   $2.35 Cdn
   $2.35 US

Small Plastic Foraging Pails for Small Birds

Small Plastic Pails

Measuring approx 3" high including handle and 2-1/4" wide at the top, these pails can be hung in the cage & used to hide toys or treats for your small bird (budgie, lovebird, small conure, etc). Not recommended for big beaks. Package contains two pails.

   $3.00 Cdn
   $3.00 US

Plastic Hands Bird Toy Parts Plastic Hands    

Plastic hands with a small hole drilled in the top for easy attachemnt to toys. Each hand measures approx 2" by 1-3/4". Use for small to intermediate sized bird toys. Package contains 10 pieces.

   $1.75 Cdn
   $1.75 US

Plastic Flower Forms to Make Bird ToysFlower Rounds  

Brightly colored plastic flower rounds measuring approx 1-1/2" in diameter. Each round has four oblong holes and can be used as a dangle or as a base for small bird toys. Package contains 10 assorted pieces.

   $2.50 Cdn
   $2.50 US

Mini Plastic MaracasMini Maracas 

Plastic maracas approx 2-1/2" in length. They make a nice rattling sound with the small plastic pellets inside. Each maraca has a small hole that will accept a 12mm o-ring. Recommended for small birds only (budgies, kakarikis, linnies, etc.) as strong beaks may crack the plastic. Package contains 6 maracas.

   $2.75 Cdn - Out of Stock!
   $2.75 US - Out of Stock!

Plastic Bug Bodies for Bird ToysPlastic Bug Bodies 

Solid plastic bug bodies approx 2" in length with a small hole running through the head and a slot running through the body. A great part for foot toys or hanging toys. Package contains 6 bodies in assorted colors and styles.

   $2.95 Cdn
   $2.95 US

Plastic Cool Clips to Make Bird & Sugar Glider ToysCool Clips 

Brightly colored plastic links approx 1-3/4" x 3/4" in size. Use to make foot toys or as a toy link for small bird toys. Package contains 10 links.

Buy 100 & SAVE!

   $1.50 Cdn
   $1.50 US

Perforated Wiffle Golf Balls

Hard Perforated Golf Balls      

Hard plastic golf ball sized wiffle balls with holes approx 1/4". Use as a toy base or as foot toys for larger birds. Please note pacifiers do not fit in the holes of this ball. Package contains 3 balls.

   $3.00 Cdn
   $3.00 US

Perforated plastic golf ball wiffle ballsSoft Perforated Golf Balls 

Soft plastic golf ball sized wiffle balls with holes approx 5/16". These balls are more flexible than the ones above, so the mini pacifiers can be pushed into the holes. Package contains two balls.

   $4.00 Cdn
   $4.00 US

Plastic Keys to Make Bird Toys

Plastic Keys 

Chewy plastic keys approx 2" in length. Package contains 6 keys in assorted colors.

   $2.50 Cdn
   $2.50 US

Mini Plastic Spoke Tops

Mini Spoke Tops

Hard plastic tops approx 1-1/2" by 1-1/2" with six 1/4" holes. Use as a toy base or foot toy. Package contains 6 tops in assorted colors.

   $2.95 Cdn - Out of Stock!
   $2.95 US - Out of Stock!

Big Plastic Buttons to Make Bird Toys

Big Buttons

Large, chewy plastic buttons in assorted shapes approx 2" in diameter. Package contains 20 buttons in assorted colors & shapes. Excellent for medium to large birds.

   $3.95 Cdn
   $3.95 US

Crystal Rope Rings for Making Bird ToysCrystal Rope Rings  

Colorful bangles are approx 2-3/4" and are made from sturdy, rigid plastic molded in the shape of a rope ring. Recommended for small bird toys. Package contains 6 rings.

   $2.25 Cdn
   $2.25 US

Your bird's safety is very important to us!
 All toys should be introduced under supervision & monitored daily for wear or breakage.

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