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Make your own bird toys with pacifiers, wiffle balls, interstars, plastic keys & springs, mini mugs, plastic washers, spoke tops, spin wheels, lucite rings, lattice links, rattles, interlocking links & more.  Your birds safety is important to us!  Please remember all bird toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.  No toy is 100% safe as there will always be a bird who will find some way to hurt itself with anything within its reach!






Little Peeps InterStar CharactersLittle Peeps  

Soft and chewy plastic characters similar to InterStar rings. Each piece measures approx 2-1/2" by 2-1/2" with a hole drilled in the top. Package contains 4 pieces.

   $2.95 Cdn
   $2.95 US

Smile Face Mini MugsSmile Face Mini Mugs   

Hard plastic mugs approx 1-1/4" by 1-3/4". They make great foot toys for big birds or can be used as a toy part for making toys of all sizes. Package contains 3 mugs.

   $2.85 Cdn
   $2.85 US

Lattice Links Bird Toy PartsLattice Links    

Brightly colored plastic links make an easy toy base. Multiple holes allow for endless possibilities! Links are approx 2" to 3" and come in a variety of shapes and colors. Package contains 5 links.

   $2.25 Cdn
   $2.25 US

Daisy Wheels Bird Toy PartsDaisy Wheels    

Plastic wheels approx 1-1/4" in diameter with a 1/4" hole. Recommended for small and medium toys. Package contains 25 wheels in assorted colors.

   $3.25 Cdn
   $3.25 US

Plastic Oval GearsOval Gears    

Plastic gears approx 2" by 1-1/2" by 3/4". The hole is approx 1/4" by 1/2" and will fit through most chain and rope up to 3/8". An intriguing part for making toys for medium and large birds or use alone as foot toys. Package contains 4 gears.

   $3.85 Cdn
   $3.85 US

Plastic InterStar Snowflakes InterStar Snowflakes  

Chewy plastic rings measuring approx 2" with a large 1/2" center hole. Package contains 6 pieces in assorted colors and three styles.

Click to Buy 36 & SAVE!

   $2.50 Cdn
   $2.50 US

Mini InterStar Rings to Make Bird ToysInterStar Rings  

Tough plastic rings approx 2-1/2" with a large 3/4" center hole. Use as foot toys or slip on perches for easy spinning toys. Package contains 3 rings.

   $3.95 Cdn
   $3.95 US

Plastic Hoops for Making Bird Toys & Swings5 Inch Plastic Hoop  

Durable plastic hoop measuring almost 5-1/4". Use for preening rings or swings for intermediate sized birds (senegals, quakers, cockatiels, etc). Package contains 1 ring.

   $1.50 Cdn
   $1.50 US

Little Rubber Ducks for Making Your Own Bird ToysLittle Ducks  

Solid rubber ducks approx 1" long with a small hole in the top. Use as charms or as a toy base by drilling a hole through the bottom, inserting a screw eye & hanging assorted parts. Package contains 3 ducks.

   $2.35 Cdn
   $2.35 US

Small Plastic Foraging Pails for Small BirdsSmall Plastic Foraging Pails 

Measuring approx 3" high including handle and 2-1/4" wide at the top, these pails can be hung in the cage & used to hide toys or treats for your small bird (budgie, lovebird, small conure, etc). Not recommended for big beaks. Package contains two pails.

   $3.00 Cdn
   $3.00 US

Plastic Hands Bird Toy Parts Plastic Hands    

Plastic hands with a small hole drilled in the top for easy attachemnt to toys. Each hand measures approx 2" by 1-3/4". Use for small to intermediate sized bird toys. Package contains 10 pieces.

   $1.75 Cdn
   $1.75 US

Plastic Flower Forms to Make Bird ToysFlower Rounds  

Brightly colored plastic flower rounds measuring approx 1-1/2" in diameter. Each round has four oblong holes and can be used as a dangle or as a base for small bird toys. Package contains 10 assorted pieces.

   $2.50 Cdn
   $2.50 US

Mini Plastic MaracasMini Maracas 

Plastic maracas approx 2-1/2" in length. They make a nice rattling sound with the small plastic pellets inside. Each maraca has a small hole that will accept a 12mm o-ring. Recommended for small birds only (budgies, kakarikis, linnies, etc.) as strong beaks may crack the plastic. Package contains 6 maracas.

   $2.75 Cdn - Out of Stock!
   $2.75 US - Out of Stock!

Plastic Bug Bodies for Bird ToysPlastic Bug Bodies 

Solid plastic bug bodies approx 2" in length with a small hole running through the head and a slot running through the body. A great part for foot toys or hanging toys. Package contains 6 bodies in assorted colors and styles.

   $2.95 Cdn
   $2.95 US

Cool Clips to Make Bird ToysCool Clips 

Brightly colored plastic links approx 1-3/4" x 3/4" in size. Use to make foot toys or as a toy link for small bird toys. Package contains 10 links.

Click to Buy 100 & SAVE!

   $1.50 Cdn
   $1.50 US

Perforated Wiffle Golf Balls

Hard Perforated Golf Balls      

Hard plastic golf ball sized wiffle balls with holes approx 1/4". Use as a toy base or as foot toys for larger birds. Please note pacifiers do not fit in the holes of this ball. Package contains 3 balls.

   $3.00 Cdn
   $3.00 US

Perforated plastic golf ball wiffle ballsSoft Perforated Golf Balls 

Soft plastic golf ball sized wiffle balls with holes approx 5/16". These balls are more flexible than the ones above, so the mini pacifiers can be pushed into the holes. Package contains two balls.

   $4.00 Cdn
   $4.00 US

Small Plastic Spin Wheels for Bird ToysSmall Plastic Spin Wheels

Plastic wheels approx 1-1/2" in diameter with a small 1/8" center hole. An easy toy base for making small bird toys. Package contains 10 wheels.

Click to Buy 100 & SAVE!

   $2.00 Cdn

   $2.00 US

Plastic Keys to Make Bird Toys

Plastic Keys 

Chewy plastic keys approx 2" in length. Package contains 6 keys in assorted colors.

   $2.50 Cdn
   $2.50 US

Mini Plastic Spoke Tops

Mini Spoke Tops

Hard plastic tops approx 1-1/2" by 1-1/2" with six 1/4" holes. Use as a toy base or foot toy. Package contains 6 tops in assorted colors.

   $2.95 Cdn - Out of Stock!
   $2.95 US - Out of Stock!

Crystal Coloured Plastic Buttons for Making Bird ToysCrystal Buttons  

Hard plastic buttons in assorted shapes and crystal colors. Buttons are approx 1" by 1/8" thick. Package contains 25 pieces in assorted colors & shapes. Use for small and intermediate toys.

   $3.00 Cdn
   $3.00 US

Big Plastic Buttons to Make Bird Toys

Really Big Buttons

Large, chewy plastic buttons in assorted shapes approx 2" in diameter. Package contains 20 buttons in assorted colors & shapes. Excellent for medium to large birds.

   $3.95 Cdn
   $3.95 US

Crystal Rope Rings for Making Bird ToysCrystal Rope Rings  

Colorful bangles are approx 2-3/4" and are made from sturdy, rigid plastic molded in the shape of a rope ring. Recommended for small bird toys. Package contains 6 rings.

   $2.25 Cdn
   $2.25 US

Large Chunky Acrylic Rings Bird Toy Parts

Jumbo Crystal Rings

Chunky & durable! Large acrylic rings measure approx 1-1/8" at the widest point with a large 11/16" hole. Package contains 10 rings in assorted crystal colors.

   $2.50 Cdn
   $2.50 US

Solid Colored Mini Pacifiers Bird Toy Parts

Solid Color Mini Pacifiers

Solid colored mini pacifiers approx 1/2" by 7/8". These pacifiers fit into the holes of our soft perforated golf balls. Package contains 25 pacifiers.

   $3.00 Cdn
   $3.00 US

Mini Pacifiers for Bird Toys

Mini Pacifiers

Crystal colored mini pacifiers approx 1/2" by 7/8". These pacifiers fit into the holes of our soft perforated golf balls. Package contains 25 pacifiers.

Click to Buy 100 & SAVE!

   $3.00 Cdn
   $3.00 US

Small Pacifiers for Making Bird ToysSmall Pacifiers

Crystal colored pacifiers approx 5/8" by 1-1/8" in size. Package contains 25 pacifiers.

   $3.75 Cdn
   $3.75 US

Medium Pacifiers to Make Bird ToysMedium Pacifiers

Crystal colored pacifiers approx 7/8" by 1-3/4" in size. Package contains 6 pacifiers.

   $4.75 Cdn
   $4.75 US

Jumbo Pacifiers for Bird Toys

Large Pacifiers

Large crystal colored pacifiers approx 3" long. Package contains 2 pacifiers.

 $1.50 Cdn
 $1.50 US

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