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Colored Sisal Rope

Colored Sisal Rope for Making Your Own Bird Toys

Brightly colored 1/4" sisal rope for making your own bird toys or repairing used toys. Package contains six, 4 foot lengths of rope in different colors, for a total of 24 feet.

   $14.95 CAD
   $14.95 USD

1/4" Supreme Cotton Rope

Supreme Cotton Rope

100% natural cotton rope made with 4-ply unpolished, unbleached threads. This rope is very soft and is made with short, fuzzy fibers which pull apart easily to help prevent tangling and the catching of toes. It is very easy to knot and makes great preening toys! Sold in 10 foot increments.

   $3.95 CAD
   $3.95 USD

5/32" Cotton Cord

Braided Cotton Cord for Birds

100% cotton cord approx 5/32" in diameter. This cord is quite strong and holds a tight knot. It works well with 1/4" holes as pony beads require a bit of work to string on. Good choice for toys of all sizes. Sold in 10 foot increments. 

   $2.75 CAD
   $2.75 USD

Hemp Cord

Hemp Cord for Making Bird Toys

All natural, thin hemp cord approx 1mm thick. Works with pony beads or other small holed beads. This cord holds a nice, tight knot. Recommended for small toys only. Package contains approx 45 feet of cord.

   $3.95 CAD
   $3.95 USD

Paulie Rope

Polly Rope (aka Paulie Rope) to Make Bird Toys

Non-toxic, bird safe plastic cord for use in bird toys. Approx 3/32" in diameter, the tight braid and hollow core make this cord easy to knot. Package contains five, 5 foot lengths of rope in different colors, for a total of 25 feet.

   $4.95 CAD
   $4.95 USD

Seagrass Cord

Seagrass Cord for Bird Toys

Natural seagrass hand twisted to form a twine-like cord approx 1/8" in diameter. Great for making small bird toys as it can be used with small holed beads such as pony beads, etc.  Package contains 10 feet.

   $1.75 CAD
   $1.75 USD

Your bird's safety is important to us!
 All toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.