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Shreddable bird toy parts to make your own parrot toys: pine cones, braided seagrass, balsa wood cubes, yucca (agave), maize coasters, loofah slices, seagrass mats, cork, natural raffia, woven buri palm fans, colored rolled paper sticks, bamboo shredders, zigzag palm leaf shredders, rainbow palm leaf zigzag shredders and more. Your birds safety is important to us!  Please remember all bird toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.  No toy is 100% safe as there will always be a bird who will find some way to hurt itself with anything within its reach!






Cane Springs Natural Bird Toy PartsCane Springs

A spiral of natural cane measuring approx 1/2" by 5". Great for toy making or use a foot toy. These are natural parts, so the size may vary slightly. Package contains 3 springs.

   $1.75 Cdn
   $1.75 US

Sola Sticks With Bark Shreddable Bird Toy PartsSola Sticks with Bark

If your bird likes yucca and balsa, they will love these sticks! Sola is softer than balsa and is great for light chewers that prefer to nibble and shred. Sticks measure almost 5" by approx 3/4" to 1" in diameter. Package contains 4 sticks.

   $3.00 Cdn - Out of Stock
   $3.00 US - Out of Stock

Colored Loofah Slices Parrot Bird Toy PartsLoofah Slices

Brightly colored loofah slices approx 2 - 3 inches in diameter and approx 1" thick. Package contains 5 slices.

   $4.50 Cdn
   $4.50 US

Baby Pinecones   

Chemical free, organic, crunchy baby pinecones measuring 1-1/2" to 2" long. Use in foraging toys or as-is for quick and easy foot toys. Package contains 15 pinecones.

   $3.00 Cdn
   $3.00 US

Palm Leaf Cubes Foraging Toys for Parrots

Palm Leaf Cubes

All natural, dried palm leaf strips woven into hollow boxes. These cubes make awesome foraging foot toys or can be used as a base for hanging toys. Each cube measures approx 2" square and will be loved by birds of all sizes. Package contains 2 cubes.

   $2.25 Cdn
   $2.25 US

Shreddable Balsa Wood Cubes for Making Your Own Bird ToysBalsa Wood Cubes  

Uncolored balsa blocks approx 1" by 1" by 1" with a 1/4" center hole. Balsa is a very soft wood and makes an excellent choice for birds who love to shred. Recommended for small to intermediate birds. Package contains 10 blocks.

   $5.50 Cdn
   $5.50 US

Palm Leaf Flowers Sheddable Bird Toy PartsPalm Leaf Flowers  

All natural, large palm leaf flowers approx 3" in size. Each flower has a small hole in the center to make it easy to thread for a hanging toy or use as a shreddable foot toy for medium sized birds. Package contains 2 flowers.

   $3.00 Cdn
   $3.00 US

Untreated glue-free corks for bird toysCork Stoppers  

Natural, untreated and glue-free corks approx 1" by 3/4" at the top. A great texture for timid beaks. Can be used as small bird foot toys or in toys for larger birds. Package contains 10 corks.

   $3.50 Cdn
   $3.50 US

Super Shredder Paper Straws for Making Bird ToysPaper Straws  

Sturdy straws made from thick paper which makes them great for shredding. Due to the food safe coating, they will not dissolve in your birds water bowl! Approx 7-3/4" long. Package contains 25 straws in assorted colors and patterns.

   $3.95 Cdn
   $3.95 US

Cane Curls Bird Toy PartsCane Curls   

Natural cane curls approx 3-1/2" in length. Stuff with crinkle paper and add treats for easy foraging toys. Package contains 3 pieces.

   $1.75 Cdn
   $1.75 US

Bamboo Shredders Bird Toys

Bamboo Shredders 

All birds love these lightweight shredding tubes! Whether they tug and tear them apart or rip them to shreds, your bird will have a blast with these shredders. Perfect for all birds. Approx length 5-1/2". Package contains 12 shredders.

Buy 72 & SAVE!

   $3.75 Cdn
   $3.75 US

Maize Coasters Bird Toy PartsMaize Coasters 

All natural, palm leaf coasters approx 3" by 1/4" thick. These crunchy rounds are a great start for small bird toys or as foot toys for medium birds. Package contains two coasters.

   $1.75 Cdn
   $1.75 US

Braided Seagrass Braided Seagrass 

Natural, braided seagrass approx 7/8" wide by 3/16" thick. Makes a great shreddable addition to all toys. Similar to zigzag palm leaf shredders, but thicker and crunchier! Coil contains approx 20 feet.

   $15.00 Cdn
   $15.00 US

ZigZag Shredders for Bird ToysZigZag Shredders     

Earth friendly, all natural woven palm leaf zigzag shredders. Simply cut off 2-3 feet and tie or weave into cage bars for lots of 'tear it up' fun! Package contains 30ft.

   $7.95 Cdn
   $7.95 US

Rainbow ZigZag Palm Leaf ShreddersRainbow ZigZag Shredders 

Colored, woven palm leaf zigzag shredders are earth-friendly and fun for your bird! Simply cut a strip and give to your bird, weave a length between cage bars or add to toys - your bird will be in "shredder-heaven." Package contains 30ft.

   $8.95 Cdn
   $8.95 US

Cardboard Cutouts Shreddable Toy Parts for BirdsCardboard Cutouts - Small  

Use these corrugated cardboard pieces to make great shreddable toys! Measuring 1" by 2" with a large 3/8" center hole, they will easily fit onto the stringing material of your choice. Package contains 40 pieces.

   $4.75 Cdn
   $4.75 US

Large Cardboard Shreddable Toy Parts for BirdsCardboard Cutouts - Large  

Use these corrugated cardboard pieces to make great shreddable toys! Measuring 3" by 4" with a large 3/8" center hole, they will easily fit onto the stringing material of your choice. Package contains 20 pieces.

   $4.95 Cdn
   $4.95 US

Mini Woven Buri Palm Leaf FansMini Buri Fan    

All natural, miniature buri palm leaf fan measuring approx 3-1/2" by 3-1/2". Use as a base for shreddable small bird toys. Each fan has a large loop at the top to make it easy to hang. Package contains one fan.

   $1.00 Cdn
   $1.00 US

Small Paper Sticks for Bird Toys

Colored Paper Sticks - Small

Package of 40 rolled paper lollipop sticks in assorted colors. Suitable for all birds. Approx length 3-1/2"

   $2.50 Cdn
   $2.50 US

Large Paper Sticks for Bird Toys

Colored Paper Sticks - Large  

Package of 25 rolled paper lollipop sticks in assorted colors. Suitable for all birds. Approx length 4-1/2"

   $3.25 Cdn
   $3.25 US

Yucca Agave Rounds for Parrots & Bird ToysYucca Chips & Slices     

Twenty pieces of yucca (aka agave) rounds, half rounds & quarter rounds in varying sizes. The soft and fibrous inside of the yucca is a favorite of all birds. Can be drilled to string, used as is or poke some treats inside the soft wood to make an easy foraging toy!

   $12.75 Cdn - Out of Stock
   $12.75 US - Out of Stock

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