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Lil Dino

Lil Dino Small Bird Toy by Birdy Boredom Busters Canada

A cute little wood dinosaur with movable legs hanging from nickel plated chain with assorted beads and rings.  Measures approx 3" by 5" including link.

   $3.95 CAD
   $3.95 USD

Jingle Button

Jingle Button Small Bird Toy

A rainbow mixture of stringing rings and bells on nickel plated chain on a big crystal button. Your fid will have a rattling good time with this toy! Hangs approx 8-1/2" including link.

   $6.25 CAD
   $6.25 USD

Cuppa Stix

Cuppa Stix Small Bird Toy

A little hardwood cup packed with colored paper sticks. Hangs approx 7" including link.

   $4.50 CAD
   $4.50 USD


Prickles Small Bird Toy

Four layers of veggie tanned leather knotted with seagrass and a handful of critter charms and pony beads strung on nickel plated chain. Hangs approx 7". 

   $7.95 CAD
   $7.95 USD

Octopus Mop

Octopus Mop Bird Toy

One hundred pony beads knotted on cotton strands under a large marbela bead. Hangs approx 9" including link.

   $7.50 CAD

   $7.50 USD

Preening Pal

Preening Pal Small Bird Toy

A vinyl critter stuffed with cotton rope begging to be preened & primped! Toy is made on nickel plated chain and hangs approx 7" including link (critter may vary).

   $4.25 CAD
   $4.25 USD

Shoe Strings

Shoe Strings Leather Small Parrot Bird Toy

A veggie tanned leather boot filled with pony beads knotted on leather lace with a nickel plated cow bell. An easy to refill toy once the lace and beads are gone. Hangs approx 6" including link.

   $4.25 CAD
   $4.25 USD

Leather Crisp

Leather Crisp Small Bird Toy

Braided seagrass strips on both sides of a veggie tanned leather round. Once the seagrass is gone, your bird can still enjoy the leather, bell and stringing rings. Hangs approx 6" including link.

   $5.95 CAD
   $5.95 USD

Perch Hugger

Perch Hugger Leather and Bead Bird Toy

Veggie tanned leather laces with pony beads & stringing rings. Slide the laces on any sized perch and pull down the bead to tighten. Click to see Kiva!

   $6.95 CAD
   $6.95 USD

Treat Cup

Treat Cup Small Bird Toy

The lid on this brightly colored 2" hardwood cup slides up & down so your bird can find it's favorite treats that you have hidden inside! Hangs approx 7" with link.

   $5.50 CAD

   $5.50 USD

Your bird's safety is important to us!
All toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.

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