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Tango Teddy

Tango Teddy Small Bird Toy

Lots of charms, mini pacifiers and two nickel plated bells dangling on a plastic teddy bear body. Available in green, orange, pink and purple. Hangs approx 7" including quick link.

   $6.50 CAD
   $6.50 USD

Mini Space Ball

Mini Space Ball Bird Toy

A perforated golf ball stuffed with mini pacifiers with more pacifiers and big pony beads on nickel plated chain. Hangs approx 6-1/2" including link.

   $8.95 CAD
   $8.95 USD

Crystal Play Ring

Crystal Play Ring Toy for Small Birds

Threaded on a crystal rope ring your bird will enjoy an assortment of rubber rings, bitty birdie bagels, vine balls, charms and a colored vacuum coated bell to make a little noise with! Measures approx 4" wide by 5" tall including link.

   $5.25 CAD
   $5.25 USD

Beaker Sneaker

Beaker Sneaker Small Bird Toys by Birdy Boredom Busters Parrot Toys Canada

A miniature canvas tennis shoe decorated with wiggle rings. Makes a great foraging toy - simply hide a treat or two inside for foraging fun! Hangs approx 6" including link. Note: sneaker does not have metal grommets like some do!

   $4.50 CAD
   $4.50 USD

Bo Jingles

Bo Jingles Small Bird Toys

A colorful mixture of beads hanging from a big button with bells on nickel plated chain. The chain can be pulled slightly from side to side. A great toy for birds who love beads and bells and like to make a little noise! Hangs approx 8-1/2" with link.

   $4.95 CAD
   $4.95 USD

Tahiti Treat

Tahiti Treat Small Bird Toys

Three stuffed mini buri cubes with crystal buttons and charms all hanging on nickel plated chain. Hangs approx 8" including link.

   $6.95 CAD
   $6.95 USD

Bagel Mania

Bagel Mania Handmde Small Bird Toys

Small wood paddles and mini munch balls hanging around a chubby bagel. A great toy for small birds that are light chewers. Measures approx 3-1/2" by 8" including link.

   $8.95 CAD
   $8.95 USD


Pinwheel Small Handmade Bird Toys

A pinwheel made with thin wood paddles hanging from plastic chain. Contains no metal parts. Hangs approx 3" by 6" including link.

   $4.95 CAD
   $4.95 USD

Hay Stack

Hay Stack Balsa Seagrass Small Parrot Bird Toys by Birdy Boredom Busters

Four thin basswood slices strung on paper rope with lots of beads, charms and seagrass knots to chew and preen. Hangs approx 8-1/2" including link.

   $8.95 CAD
   $8.95 USD

Your bird's safety is important to us!
 All toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.

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