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Rubber Ducky Swing

Rubber Ducky Small Bird Swing

A large rubber duck hanging by plastic chain with loads of plastic charms for your bird to tinker with. Designed for small birds (budgies, lovebirds, parrotlets, etc). Measures approx 7" by 9" including link.

   $11.95 CAD
   $11.95 USD

Coco Nest

Coco Nest Small Bird Swing

Half a coconut shell hanging on plastic chain with lots of mini pacifiers, charms and assorted doodads. Small birds will love sitting or snoozing in this little swing! Hangs approx 7" by 4". Designed for small birds from canaries and finches to budgies, lovebirds and parrotlets.

   $7.95 CAD
   $7.95 USD

Coco Cabana Swing

Coco Cabana Coconut Small Bird Swing

An adorable swing for one or two small birds made with a coconut shell half. Hangs approx 7" by 5-1/2" with a 3/8" diameter perch. Designed for small birds from canaries and finches up to budgies, lovebirds and small conures.

   $9.95 CAD
   $9.95 USD

Magic Carpet Swing

Magic Carpet Small Bird Swing

A fun hammock made with a 7" by 7" seagrass mat suspended by plastic chain and adorned with little plastic toys. Makes a great swinging perch or play gym for small birds. Hangs approx 9" with link. Ideal for lovebirds, budgies, small conures and cockatiels. Click to see Tulsa!

   $14.50 CAD
   $14.50 USD

Coconut Bird House

Coconut Bird House Hideout Small Parrot Swing

A hideout swing for small birds made with a hairy coconut shell decorated with a spinning snowflake & daisy beads. Hangs on nickel plated chain. The coconut measures approx 4-1/2" and has three 2" holes with mini pacifiers dangling inside. Approx 10" including link.

   $8.50 CAD
   $8.50 USD

Bead Swing

Bead Swing for Small Birds

Made with plastic beads on stainless steel wire, this swing has a 1/2" grooved dowel perch and mini pacifiers. Designed for budgies, lovebirds, green cheek conures and like sized birds. Hangs approx 4" by 7-1/2" including link.

   $5.00 CAD
   $5.00 USD

Double Ring Swing

Double Cotton Ring Swing for Small Parrots

Made with two 8" rings wrapped in cotton rope with beads on the top and a rope tassel on the bottom. Can be enjoyed by multiple smaller birds up to medium sized birds (cockatiels, mini macaws, senegals, timneh greys, etc.) Measures approx 8-1/2" by 15" including link.

   $19.95 CAD
   $19.95 USD

Perch & Spin

Perch & Spin Bird Perch

A 7 inch dowel perch with a spinning 2-1/2" soft wood block filled with assorted beads knotted on veggie tanned leather and wood pegs for nibbling. A fun place for your bird to hang out and play at the same time! Designed for conures, senegals, caiques, mini macaws, timnehs, etc.

   $12.95 CAD

   $12.95 USD

Orbiter Swing

Orbiter Bird Swing

Made with cotton rope, ABC blocks and plastic chain, this swing is sure to excite any small parrot! Suitable for lovebirds up to senegals and mini macaws. Approx 10" by 13". Click to see Belle!

   $29.95 CAD
   $29.95 USD

Your bird's safety is important to us!
 All toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.

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