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Just a quick note to let you know I received my little parcel today. Love it, love it and love it. My cockatiels, rosellas and galah will be in absolute heaven once I make their toys up. Also many thanks for the extras you popped in the box at 'no charge'. Glad it arrived before I travelled overseas next month.

Be good and happy selling. I am also happy to provide feedback for you if you have that option on your site and tell your online customers how fabulous your shop and service is. Looking forward to ordering in the future.

Lita - Australia - April 2013

Thank you for all the goodies I had fun unpacking today! They are all wonderful & I've highlighted a few items to re-order again soon! A special thank you for the "Star Stix Foot Toy"! Today is Kea's (my citron cockatoo) 9th birthday & I'll give it to him at dinner tonight when he discovers all the new toys hanging from his bird tree! Think he'll be too busy playing with his new toys to eat! Not to worry ... he's been spoiled up in his cage / room earlier today too. The packaging was wonderful. The shipping box sturdy, so all arrived safe & sound. A wonderful order complete & I thank you! Look forward to doing business with you again soon!

Janis - Washington - June 2012

I received the bird toys this afternoon. It feels like Christmas in February! I am from Winnipeg originally and heard about you through a friend. Now that I live in Ontario I tell everyone I know with a parrot (and there are at least three!) about your site. Hopefully I can send some new customers your way; it's so nice to support "the little guy" and still have a ton of product to choose from. My guys will be happy with these for awhile (well, it should keep them going for a couple of months, haha) and I look forward to ordering from you again. Thanks for the free mini pacifiers, they will be a great addition to the food bowl for some good old fashioned foraging!
Carissa - Ontario - February 2012

I just had the pleasure of coming home to see my box of stuff for Buddy (my 4 year old cockatoo). What a thrill it was to see all of his goodies and the extras you put in! Thank you very much for all and I'll sure be back to shop with you!

Josee - Quebec - January 2009
I just recently got my Nahnu, a conure. She is the first one I get since I was a little girl (like 20 years ago) then I had a nanday conure. I love handcrafting, so I decided to make Nahnu's toys myself. I arranged her cage and builded her a play gym. Most of the materials I used are from your wonderful webpage. Others I had from my crafting materials, I even used baby toys like some colorful plastic links that act as a "perch" in which she has to balance to keep upright (Nahnu just loves to play on it). I wish to thank you for having such a nice selection of things to make toys with. I really appreciate your personal note on the invoice (by the way, you have beautiful handwriting) and thanks for the additional. I like changing Nahnu's toys every so often, so I'm sure you will be hearing from me soon.
Joanill - Puerto Rico - December 2008
I got the order today, the stuff is GREAT! My B&G macaw especially loves the Fire Cracker foot toy. He is enthralled with that one. Nice items, quick shipping. Doesn't get any better than that. Thanks so much for the extra toy, too. We appreciate that, especially the green guy that is happily munching on it!

Linda - Indiana - July 2008

I just wanted you to know that Sammy and Echo's toys arrived yesterday afternoon and WOW! Are they loving them! All the toys are so colorful and delightful! You bring my fabies many hours of fun and enjoyment! Thank you ever so much for creating all the new toys so quickly! It's always a pleasure placing an order with you! Enjoy your week! Sammy and Echo sending feathered hugs your way! With much appreciation!

Kathy (Mom to Sammy Putter and Echo Rose) - July 2008
My order arrived today and I just wanted to say thanks! Fast shipping, informative emails, extra toys, great products . . . you are absolutely wonderful to work with! My Pearly Conure loves his new foot toys, and both him and my budgies are very excited for all the new toys I'm going to make them! Once again, thank you so much for your wonderful toys!

Chelsie - Alberta - April 2008
I am absolutely delighted with the darling toys and toy parts! Wow! Sammy and Echo are all ready having a ball with them! I am so impressed with your craftsmanship! I am so very pleased! I have very happy fids today! I am anxious to make them some new toys with the toy parts also! Such happy colors! And I love the dragonflies! Too cute! Thank you again for your promptness in getting my order done and your kind and wonderful correspondence with my order! I shall be placing another in the future! With many thanks!
Kathy, Sammy and Echo - Kentucky - April 2008

I just wanted to inform you and all your readers/customers that you are by far the best toy deal I have ever dealt with. I have been purchasing your products now for what 5+ years?? Longer?? I have never had a defective product nor have I ever had a bird injured by one of your toys. They are quality toys at very reasonable prices and you are by far the most highly recommended distributor by me to anyone I ever talk to or sell babies to. I always include your website address to my buyers and use your toys almost exclusively! (Sometimes I might be in a pinch but that’s it!!)

Thank you for providing your customers with high quality, reasonable cost toys that our flocks can enjoy over and over. You provide a hard to find service and its very refreshing. You will always be number one on my list. A long time, life time, loyal customer…

Marianne Waldman - Ontario - March 2008

Thank you again for taking care of this order so quickly, and putting in some bonus bitty birdie bagels. I can tell that you truly enjoy and care about what you do; all the little details that are taken care of like the gift wrapping, bonus add-ins, timely shipping and ongoing email communication definitely make it a pleasure to do business with you. The quality of your toys is excellent and I will certainly be continuing to order from you in the future. In fact, I'll be placing another order very soon! (Only this time, it is for me.....oh, right, MY BUDGIES)

Kim - Ontario - December 2007

Just to say my toys arrived today and they are brilliant. I wish there was someone like you here in England that dedicated to birds happiness. I'll definitely be back, but hopefully these will keep them going for a while.

Jade - England - November 2007

Thank you so much for the free pieces of wood you sent with my order for my birds to test out!! That was very nice of you! So far, everything is a hit! I had very little for my new parrotlet to play with and chew on, but she really enjoys the shredders and star wood pieces. I can't thank you enough! I look forward to ordering from you again soon! Your web site is awesome!! I make my own toys and it's great to be able to just order "refill" pieces when I need them. Thanks again!!

Sandy, Punk, Sweet Pea & Vinny - BC - August 2007

Thanks so much for the toys, Tracy! They arrived yesterday. My cockatiels haven't stopped playing with them since I put them in their cage and my Kakariki keeps telling all of his new toys that they're "a good boy". It's not very often that you find someone who is so dedicated to making such great toys. Yours are outstanding - I will definitely be back for more soon! Thanks again.

Abby - Ontario - August 2007

Thank you so much again Tracy!!! Your products are exactly as described and they are received very quickly. You don't mess around!!! I am saving so much money making my own toys and it is fun. My Congo African Grey actually enjoys playing with some of the pieces when I sit to make them!!! You have proven to be very reputable and trustworthy. Thank you for that!!!

Michelle - Ontario - July 2007

Thank you for your email letting me know what's up! I really love your store, it's like a birdy toys-r-us! I've been looking for a place like yours for quite some time now as the pet store toys just aren't cutting it. Thank you for providing such unique and bird focused toys. I know my two babies will love shredding and playing with their new stuff. Thank you for your fast shipping, I'm REALLY looking forward to getting them in the post.

Michelle - Alberta - March 2007

I just wanted to send you a quick email letting you know how pleased I am with your business. This is the second time I have ordered from you and it certainly won't be the last! I love the selection you provide for toy making supplies and your prices are some of the best out there. Actually I've only found one other site that offers the quality and fair prices you do, however, they lack the selection.

So often in life we aren't shown the appreciation deserved when we work hard at something, and I just wanted to let you know that the service you provide is definitely appreciated. Your personal touch with your signature and your free items is also noticed and appreciated. Kudos to you Tracy! I'll be back to shop for more!! A Loyal Customer,

Carolyn - Wisconsin - February 2007

We got our order in record time. Sunny pretty much went in "beak" first. It was rather like watching an excited child on Xmas morning. She's loved everything, so far. (we're trying hard not to give her too much, too soon; we don't want a spoiled girl on our hands - after all; her name is Sunny-side-up ...  not Paris Hilton).

Beautiful toys for our beautiful bird. Thank you so much -  you do good work.

Susan - Manitoba - February 2007

Thank you so much.May I just say that you have a wonderful business and are just fantastic to deal with, always so friendly and have wonderful products. Thank you again, can't wait to receive the toys!

Mel - Australia - August 2006

I just wanted to let you know that my package arrived today and the toys were a big hit with my flock (3 lories and 1 caique). Even though I make toys (I specialize in lory-friendly toys) I seldom use colored wood, so I decided to try your colored toys for our caique Hero. He's having a ball with the gizmo cube and has claimed the paulie preening pot as his own. Squirt, our foster red-flanked lorikeet (tiny thing with big attitude) is enjoying the missing links and the baby blocks. These are perfect for her size and playing style. Martiki (a hybrid lory) is having a blast with the key ring and the tops. Overall, I am very impressed with your workmanship: the designs are well thought out and constructed beautifully.

Gina - New Jersey - October 2005

I just received my order yesterday. Thank you so much, you are simply great and so reliable. I have praised you to many parrot owners looking for a good Canadian toy supplier. I hope they have gone to you because I seriously encourage anybody to try your high quality toys, high standard service and dedication. Can't be disappointed.

Sylvie - Ontario - September 2005

I received my parcel today. Once I opened the box and began to unpack, all 4 of my birds immediately took note and started to act very impatient! Needless to say, they all *love* the Jolly Balls! My Alexandrine has not stopped even to eat or nap! I will definitely order from you again - only your toys are so well made I am not sure when! Thanks a bunch!

Smokey, Timneh African Grey (large Jolly Ball)
Alexis, Alexandrine Parrot (medium Jolly Ball)
Reiley & Asia, Green Cheek Conures (small Jolly Ball)
Michelle Rusche, Human - Nevada - September 2005

I got the package today. I LOVE the toys . . . and so does Indy! I like how the toys are wrapped individually. Thanks for the extra stuff too! Here are more pics for you. You'll see how much Indy enjoys your toys! Thanks again for all those wonderful toys you make!

Sandra & Indy - Ontario - June 2005

I received my order today! Right on time for Gracie's birthday :)  I just had to let you know right away just how pleased I am with everything! You have a wonderful talent making bird toys. I will definitely order again in the future. Gracie took to the toys right away! I hung all three on her play gym and she is currently sitting nibbling away on the jolly ball (hee-hee). Although it isn't any special occasion for Pip and he has many many toys of his own, I thought I'd order a little party favour for him too. And when I walked up to his cage with the little star toy, he said "Hello!!!" to the new addition to his cage! lol Thank you for the cute card and little extras as well! That was very thoughtful of you.

Melissa - Ontario - June 2005

I was just looking around your website, which I do often to check out your new products and saw that you have a place for photos! Since I didn't see any gold-capped conures I thought I would send you a picture of mine. He LOVES your toys and I have to say that you do make the best ones that I have ever found. He will be 14 this March, so I have been through alot of toys over the years. Thank you for making wonderful toys and I am sure I will be in need of some new ones soon! :o)

Nicole - Ontario - February 2005

I received my parcel already - wow that's fast shipping. I just wanted to tell you that I placed the new boing and the perch hugger toy in the cage with my 4 baby cockatiels today and as soon as I closed the door they immediately took to them. They always love your brightly colored, awesome quality toys! I look forward or should I say my cockatiels look forward to my next purchase from you, lol.

Dawn - Bon Accord AB - February 2005
I got the parcel today (already!) You make really quality toys, they spoil me for anything I seem to find in the pet stores. Great toys, great prices.

Elayna & Murphee - Manitoba - August 2004
I just wanted to say thanks so much for the speedy and wonderful package of toys that you put together for Sid and Lucy. For the very first time Lucy got involved with all her toys without a care in the world. The rope boing is hilarious and she seems to love it so much. Sid has not stopped chewing . . . which makes him most happy. As usual, you have outdone yourself and all are happy in the household. Thanks again and have a great summer!

Laura, Sidney and Lucy - Manitoba - July 2004
Just wanted to thank you for the speedy response I got and for the high quality of bird toys and parts that I receive from you. You are my own personal "Santa". Many thanks again.

Lorraine - Alberta - May 2004
Thank you for such speedy delivery of my order. Quincy loves the wooden crayons and was "coloring" for hours today. As always the quality is outstanding; I can't find anything better in the local stores.

Catherine - BC - April 2004
My package arrived today and I just wanted to say thanks. Everything looks just like the pictures; I couldn't be more pleased. And I'm equally pleased that my very first on-line purchase was a successful one :)

Anne - Nova Scotia - March 2004
Add me to the list of people who rant and rave about the paper stick cube. I swear it hasn't been this quiet in the house since Ollie has been a chick. For the past 2 days he has been chewing away, he only stops for food, water and the odd preening session with me. To my husband's dismay Ollie didn't even take time out to watch the Oilers game with him and for the past year (to my great relief) Ollie has been Harold's hockey buddy (let me off the hook). I just pray Ollie has had his fill of the toy by the time the next hockey game comes along as there is nothing worse than a pouting husband - except watching a hockey game with a pouting husband!!!! Thanks again.

Lorraine & Ollie - Alberta - January 2004
Hello! I have received the birdies' order. Fantastic, simply fantastic! So well built and that Chain Block of Fun is simply gigantic. Kiwi was all frantic when she first saw this huge toy coming her way. She rushed toward me, hanging on the side of her cage to get a good chunk of this colorful toy. You really got her attention.

Sylvie - Ontario - January 2004
Just a wee note to say thank you for your prompt service and mail delivery of the bird toy. Both Piquette and I appreciate your talent in creating such a beautiful, colorful and useful Block of Fun toy. Piquette expressed her excitement with chirps, eyes flashing and pecking the top of my head in approval.

Melanie - Manitoba - January 2004