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Mini Munch Balls

Vine Munch Balls

Natural, wicker vine balls measuring approx 3/4" to 1" (size varies as they are handmade). Use as lightweight foot toys or when creating shreddable bird toys. Package contains 6 balls.

Buy 100 & Save!

   $2.75 CAD
   $2.75 USD

1-1/2" Munch Balls

Vine Munch Balls for Making Shreddable Bird Toys

Natural, uncolored wicker vine balls measring approx 1-1/2" to 2" (size varies as they are handmade). Use as a foot toy or when creating your own shreddable toys. Package contains 4 balls.

   $4.50 CAD
   $4.50 USD

Mini Vine Rings

Mini Vine Rings to make Bird Toys

Brightly colored mini vine rings approx 2" - 3" in size. Use as foot toys, slip on a perch or use when designing your own shreddable toys. Package contains 6 vine rings.

   $3.00 CAD
   $3.00 USD

3" Willow Ring

willow ring wreaths

Natural peeled willow ring approx 3" in diameter. They are tightly woven and are sturdier than the vine rings above. They make excellent shreddable foot toys or can be slipped on a perch for quick and easy shredding fun!

   $1.00 CAD
   $1.00 USD

6" Twisted Grapevine Ring

6" Natural Bird-Safe Grapevine Ring for Bird Toys

Natural bird-safe ring made with twisted grapevine measuring approx 6" in diameter. Makes an excellent toy base or a shreddable swing for the small guys!

   $4.00 CAD
   $4.00 USD

Willow Basket with Lid

Willow Basket with Lid

Sturdy, all natural wicker basket with lid. Makes a great shreddable foraging toy - simply stuff with shredded paper and hide your bird's favorite treats or foot toys. Approx 4" x 4" in size, including lid.

   $5.75 CAD
   $5.75 USD

Vine Lanterns

Shreddable Vine Lanterns for Parrot Toys

All natural, bird-safe vine lanterns approx 2" by 5". Makes a great shreddable foot toy or fun foraging toy for medium or large parrots by stuffing with your bird's favorite treats or paper. Package contains 3 lanterns.

   $3.75 CAD
   $3.75 USD

Small Vine Stars

Small Wicker Vine Stars

Natural wicker vine stars approximately 2" in size. A great foot toy for small birds or toy part for shreddable toys. Package contains 3 vine stars.

   $2.35 CAD
   $2.35 USD

Your bird's safety is important to us!
 All toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.